Meet Dr. Misty Cervantes-Kim

Dr. Misty Cervantes-Kim, cosmetic dentist in Seattle who focuses on continued education and patient comfort

A Passion That Truly Shows

Dr. Misty Cervantes-Kim is passionate about great dentistry. Thorough, honest, detail-oriented, and creative, Dr. Cervantes-Kim has a reputation for exceeding her patients’ expectations as a cosmetic dentist in Seattle. Currently pursuing her fellowship with the Academy of General Dentistry, Dr. Cervantes-Kim stays on top of her field through continuing education, attending lectures, and studying the latest journal findings.

Discovering Her Dental Career

While in school, Dr. Cervantes-Kim decided to pursue a career where she could express her passion for math and science. Her father encouraged her to consider a career in dentistry – good advice she has never regretted taking!

Dr. Cervantes-Kim’s patients are attracted to her earnest, communicative approach to her work. Even patients suffering dental anxiety are quickly put at ease by her gentleness as she clearly explains unfamiliar procedures in a way that takes the mystery out of dentistry.

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