Scaling & Root Planing

A smiling woman shows how our Cosmetic Dentist in Seattle, WA uses scaling & root planing for patients with gum disease.

Gum disease, or periodontitis, is a bacterial infection causing inflammation of the gum tissue. Over time, pockets of microorganisms erode the bone structure around the roots of teeth, which eventually leads to tooth loss. The good news is the onset of periodontitis can be addressed through scaling and root planing. In Seattle, we use this technique (also known as deep-cleaning) to eliminate invasive bacteria and halt the advance of gum disease.

Are there any warning signs I should watch for?

Request an appointment to see one of our qualified dentists if you notice any of these signs:

  • Bleeding gums while brushing or flossing
  • Redness and/or swelling of your gums
  • Bad breath
  • Receding gums
  • Loose teeth

What is involved in scaling and root planing?

Scaling is a process in which plaque and tartar below the gum line are removed using a gentle ultrasonic device and specialized hand tools. Root planing is a procedure to delicately smooth the surfaces of the tooth and root, eliminating rough spots where bacteria will grow. Should Drs. Kim or Cervantes-Kim determine additional care is warranted, our on-site periodontist is ready to offer his specialized skills and insight.

Will I be comfortable during the treatment?

When we perform scaling and root planing in Seattle, we maximize your comfort by numbing the area being treated (many patients tell us they didn’t feel a thing!). Additionally, we split the procedure into two visits, deep cleaning half of your mouth each time. The time will fly by as you enjoy a movie or television program during your procedure. Once completed, we’ll suggest an effective home-care routine and monitor your oral health about four times each year.

Specialty care from a compassionate team.

At Elliott Bay Dental we offer a truly enhanced experience for patients seeking periodontal treatment. Having an on-site periodontist is a huge advantage for our patients and elevates our service to the highest standard of specialty care. Remember – early detection and treatment of gum disease yields the most positive results! Request your consultation today!