Metal-Free Fillings

An older couple laughing to illustrate how metal-free fillings from our Seattle Cosmetic Dentists keep your smile looking natural

Fillings are among the most common yet conservative methods used to restore strength and function to damaged teeth. At one time, all fillings were made from unsightly mercury (amalgam), but thankfully times have changed!

Metal-free fillings – a better alternative!

Modern fillings are made from natural-looking, composite resin. Their composition is metal-free and offers many advantages over older metal alternatives. Our results with metal-free fillings are so esthetic they blend with your natural tooth.

Why should I choose metal-free fillings?

The benefits of metal-free fillings are numerous, including:

  • A beautiful appearance – Available in many shades, resin fillings blend naturally with the rest of your smile.
  • A conservative approach – Less tooth structure needs to be removed for metal-free fillings, preserving the natural strength of your teeth.
  • Oral health benefits – Metal-free fillings are stable, strong, and mercury-free. They don’t expand or contract with hot and cold foods. These properties preserve the integrity of your teeth while locking out harmful bacteria.

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