A man smiles to show how Dental Crowns from our Seattle dentist can restore your smile with a natural look.

Strong, beautiful, conservative.

A crown (also known as a cap) is a dental restoration designed to completely cover a damaged tooth. Strong and beautiful, a crown is an excellent way to restore function to a compromised tooth. With years of experience and the help of our high-quality labs, Drs. Kim and Cervantes-Kim are able to replicate your natural tooth structure both aesthetically and functionally.

Am I a good candidate for a crown?

Crowns are extremely versatile and are used in many situations, including:

  • To repair a severely decayed tooth
  • To replace a chipped or fractured tooth
  • To restore a tooth weakened by large fillings
  • To cover and fortify a tooth after a root canal
  • To replace a tooth using a dental implant
  • To enhance the appearance of problem teeth

What will my crown look like?

Dental crowns are prepared using a number of materials. At Elliott Bay Dental, we offer all-porcelain, gold, and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. Most often, we recommend E-Max all-porcelain crowns. These beautiful crowns are great for many reasons, including:

  • No dark line around the gum line
  • Beautiful translucent appearance (like natural teeth)
  • Exquisite color-matching
  • Strong and long-lasting

What happens at my crown appointment?

Drs. Kim and Cervantes-Kim’s first priority is to discuss the issues you’ve been having and determine your expectations. Next, he performs a careful physical examination of the tooth structure – its location, visibility, and interaction with your gums and neighboring teeth. Based on his findings, he will clearly explain your treatment options, and make a recommendation for you.

Why should I get my crown from Elliott Bay Dental?

At Elliott Bay Dental we believe in integrity. You can count on us to achieve impressive results, and stand behind our work! In Dr. Kim’s own words: “I’m going to stand behind what I do… I wouldn’t put anything in your mouth that I wouldn’t be happy with in mine. I’m serious about my dentistry.”

Doesn’t it make sense to place your smile in the hands of a team you can trust? If you are in need of one or more dental crowns in Seattle, contact our practice today to request your appointment!