A smiling woman shows how dental Bonding from our Cosmetic Dentistry experts in Seattle can improve your smile.

Would you like to improve your smile but the thought of making permanent changes to your natural teeth hold you back? Have no fear, dental bonding may be the answer for you!

What is dental bonding?

Put simply, bonding is a procedure in which durable tooth-colored resins are applied to the surface of your tooth and hardened with a special light. When a tooth has been properly prepared, the material will be “bonded” or fixed to the tooth. Next, it can be shaped and polished, enhancing your smile in a way that looks beautiful and natural.

A fundamental skill in cosmetic dentistry.

Bonding is a very conservative, often completely reversible method used to enhance the appearance of your smile. The cosmetic dentist you choose should not only know how to bond, but should also be a master of this fundamental procedure of cosmetic dentistry. Seattle dentists Drs. Kim and Cervantes-Kim have elevated what some may view as a routine cosmetic treatment into a true art form. Paying the strictest attention to the way they prepare and isolate the teeth being bonded, the results they achieve are second to none.

Do I need bonding?

To some degree, bonding is used in most cosmetic dental procedures. In many cases, the bonding itself represents the entire therapy. In other cosmetic cases, bonding is used to enhance and perfect cosmetic repairs requiring more involvement, such as crowns and porcelain veneers. Bonding is a non-invasive, conservative approach used to address smile problems, including:

  • The repair of decayed teeth (metal-free fillings)
  • To adjust the shade of discolored teeth
  • To lengthen short teeth
  • To reshape or add thickness to a malformed tooth
  • To repair chips or cracks
  • To close off gaps between teeth
  • To correct the way your teeth come together (occlusion)

Preview your new smile!

Drs. Kim and Cervantes-Kim also use bonding as way to “try out” more involved cosmetic changes. For example, before permanently lengthening your teeth with porcelain veneers, bonding can give a reversible preview of the expected results. Any doubts you may have about a given procedure will melt away.

Cosmetic dentistry without the anxiety.

For beautiful and natural, yet conservative cosmetic dentistry in Seattle, Elliott Bay Dental is the distinguished choice. Our honest, artistic, and extremely skilled dentists will take you by the hand and gently lead you to the gorgeous smile you’ve always wanted. Request your consultation today!