Cosmetic Services

A woman laughs and smiles to illustrate how our Seattle cosmetic dentist experts make beautiful smiles.

Imagine you could flip through a picture book and choose a new look for your smile.

Your Dream Smile – No Longer a Dream

What would your new smile include? What you imagine can become a reality through cosmetic dentistry at Elliott Bay Dental! Whether your smile has only a minor blemish or two, or needs more extensive corrections – you’ll find your new smile with one of our Seattle cosmetic dentists!

Using the latest and best aesthetic treatments and innovations, Drs. Kim and Cervantes-Kim consistently achieve incredible results. By putting their experience in cosmetic dentistry to work for you, you’ll open yourself up to a world of possibilities: an enhanced appearance, improved self-confidence, and greater joy of life!


Our most popular cosmetic services include:

Our dentists have the training, skills, and artistic talent to truly set them apart from others in our city. If you’ve been considering changing your smile with a Seattle cosmetic dentist – contact Elliott Bay Dental. The smile of your dreams is within reach!