What to Expect at Your First Dental Appointment at Elliott Bay Dental

If you’re a new patient here at Elliott Bay Dental, welcome! We look forward to meeting you at your first Seattle dental appointment. We know that a dental visit with a new practice may make a few of our guests feel a little nervous. Please allow us to put you at ease! It’s our aim to make your first visit as comfortable as possible. Here’s a rough outline of what you can expect during your appointment with your Seattle dental team: • Upon arrival, you’ll check in with either Giselle or Trish at the front desk. • They will ask you for your ID and dental insurance information. Additionally, we have a few forms for you to fill out. For your convenience, you can access those forms on our website if you’d like to fill them out ahead of time: http://www.elliottbaydental.com/dentists-in-seattle-resources/

• You’ll be given a brief tour of the office and taken to an area where we’ll take x‐rays. • Dr. Kim or Dr. Misty, together with Lydia or Laura, will complete a thorough and gentle exam. They will review any concerns you have and will recommend treatment based on your exam and x‐rays. Depending on your unique situation, oral health, and questions and concerns, this may include same‐day treatment recommendations (such as filling a cavity), or long‐term treatment planning for restorative or cosmetic procedures. • If you’ve scheduled a cleaning with your initial appointment, Juliya will complete this at this time. She may also recommend some at‐home steps you can take to maintain a healthy mouth! • Finally, you’ll be led back to the front desk to check out and to schedule your next appointment! It’s our pleasure to make sure regular hygiene appointments with our Seattle dental team are friendly, comfortable, and gentle! Do you have any questions regarding your upcoming visit? Please feel free to call us at (206) 812-7957.

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